Relaxation, Space Music and Meditation Music by Rising Star
Live Meditation Music and Space Atmosphere!

Invite Rising Star to play live music at your location.

Rising Star is available to play live for: meditation and personal growth gatherings , for ceremonies and for other public events that would benefit from serene background ambiance. Program designed to provide for continuos and uninterrupted sound.

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Event Booking Information:

Requirements: We provide the show - You provide the audience.

Star will come out to your location to create live meditation events, for audiences larger than 20, for public events. Star is also available for personal private events.

Costs vary greatly depending on many factors, such as travel distance, program length, amount of performances booked and many more. Please inquire - provide as much detail as possible.

Rising Star will be coming from Paradise, California, USA (closest airports: private airport: Paradise CA; Airlines: Chico CA (20 miles) - Sacramento CA (100 Miles)

contact us* or call 10A -10P (USA Pacific Standard Time) USA (530) 872 - 8751

* If your e-mail has not been answered within 24 hrs, please be assured that your e-mail did not reach our e-mail inbox - We check at least twice a day! Then please call.

Star's music has received the following recognition:
• High Top 40 ranking in the music charts on, which features more than 250,000 artists.

• Over 30 000 listens alone on !

Airplay and representation on over 70 streaming and other radio programs and internet playlists from around the world.

• Airplay and artist interview on KFPR / KCHO (Redding / Chico - USA) “Music for a New Age” show.

• Artist Interview on KZFR ( Chico - USA) “Healing's Journey" Radio Show.

• Artist Interview on Channel 11 (Public access TV - Chico - USA)

• Retailed at over 25 Californian retailers. We receive increasing interest from retailers nationwide to resell our product. Please contact us to resell as the first location in your region for a free listing on our web site.

• Featured in sky shows by Morrison Planetarium, San Francisco, USA and featured as background ambiance for public events.

• Used by numerous healing professionals such as massage therapists, hypno therapists and other healing professions; also used for guided meditation tape production and backgrounds for public events.

Best seller at our small Town farmers market booth.

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What listeners say about Star's work:
• I'm listening to your music as I type, and I must say it's great! It's beautifully crafted, deeply inward music that doesn't force a concept on you, but rather, lets your mind escape to its own thoughts. - Dave F.

• “Meditative New-Age Brilliance!” - Brian S.

•”A very deep, mystical journey into outer space”. - Dennis G.

•“I really enjoy your music. I think it is excellent for healing and meditation... very peaceful. “ - Graham J.

•“I like your material a lot, very soothing.” - Todd M

Comments on: Ocean Bliss - CD: Destination

• “Breathtaking sounds of crashing surf mingle effortlessly with ambient synthetic textures. If this song doesn't melt you into a ouddle on the floor, you must be incapable of relaxation!” - Darrell B. Dallas , TX, USA

•“A wonderful way to calm my inner being ...just me and the ocean waves gently breaking in the silence of a starlight night ...beautiful music to meditate by.” Katie T. Sanston, Va

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