Relaxation, Space Music and Meditation Music by Rising Star

Serene Music CDs for Stress Management and Relaxation, Music Healing, Alternative Medicine and Sound Therapie, Hypnosis, Focus for Work and Studdy, Sleep Inducement, Massage Therapie, Dream, Lucid dreaming, Trance, Vision and Astral Travel, Personal Growth, Workshops and Guided Meditations, Meditation, Romance, Sensuality and Inspiration.

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Composer and Sound Designer Rising Star designer electronics engineer

Star works in these Genres:

New Age, Space Music, Sound Scape, Cosmic Music, Ambient Music, Ambient Sound, Background Sound, Atmospheres, Moods, Drones, Planetarium Music, Sound Track, Film Music, Background Music, Meditation Music, Meditative Sound, Nature sound, Music for Healing, Music for Astral Travel. Music for Stress Management, Music for Personal Growth, Sacred Space, Transformational Music, Energywork, Sound Healing, Native American Music.

Rising Star is a composer who performes his work live, publishes and distributes his own CDs and licences out his work.

Star is resident in California, U.S. since 1988. He lives in Paradise, CA. Born 1963 and raised in Germany, at age six he started tinkering with electronics and built at age 16 his first “synthesizer".

recordings and sound experiements date back as early as 1979. Today Star's work is continously well received. A wide repertoire in different genres includes works of relaxation, meditation, space and healing music that hit top 40 charts positions and received more than 30 000 listens alone on

Star presents a completly original and innovative approach to sound , composition and music:

Star composes, performs, and records completely live, straight from the moment, without the use of pre-sequenced or recorded materials for a unique lively-organic and natural quality in music rare to be found.

Star expands the borders of conventional music. Star works from a truely ambient aproach, which bases on the creation of energetic sound fields, their complexity in dimension, depth and transformation over time. Star creates serene sound environments that aim to open the listeners senses, challenging how to perceive, and understand reality.

Stars own
binaural nature sound recordings are the source for his sample engineering. Synthesizer patches, as well as equipment is custom design and modified by Star. Star uses a wide pallette of equipment of different aeras and technologies. You could call his "laboratory" a museum for electronic sound generation.

Star's work
transforms any listening space into a serene and deeply peaceful, expansive and mentally stimulating environment to support the listener’s own quest for self realisation in the universe by providing perfectly tuned ambiance needed to invoke and support meditation. Even for natural inducement of sleep, one will find a rich collection

Electronic soundscapes,
sonic atmospheres, ambient background music and space music are the heart of Star's work.

Released Recordings:
(Totalling more than 517 minutes)

•1991 Beyond Time
•1993 Journeying Through Universe
•1993 Meditation
•1995 >_destination?
•2000 Meditation III
•2000 Journey into the Unknown (Music)
•2001 Cosmic Works
•2001 Totally Space
•2002 By Imagination


Along a Galaxy” (CD: Destination) reached rank 21 on 7/21/00 in “New Age” charts on (more than 90 000 Artists!) Rank 32, again, on 1/18/01

Rising with Hot Air” (CD: Journeying Through Universe) reached rank 24 “Ambient-Noise” charts ( on 8/18/00

Passion for Light” (CD: Meditation III) reached rank 47 “Mood Music” charts (on on 8/30/00

Other Recognition:

Over 30 000 listens alone on !

Airplay and representation on over 70 streaming and other radio programs and internet playlists from around the world.

Airplay + Interviews: KFPR/KCHO (Redding/Chico - USA) “Music for a New Age” show . Interview on KZFR (Chico - USA) "Healings Journey" show. Chanel 11 Public Acesss TV

Featured in sky shows by Morrison Planetarium, San Francisco, USA

Regular seller at over 20 Northern Californian retailers

Featured as background ambiance for public events.

Used by numerous healing professionals such as massage therapists, hypno therapists and other healing professions; also used for guided meditation tape production and backgrounds.

Best seller at our small-town farmers market booth.

Live-Composition Concerts:

11/18/00 Old Redding Cittty Hall Performing Arts Center. Reding, CA, U.S.A. Audience: 150

1/27-01 Sprit and Art - Gallerie and Healing Center, Chico, CA, U.S.A.

12/31-01 Spiritual Awareness Center Paradise, CA, U.S.A.

11/03/02 Chico Psyschic Fair

Many more not listed.


What listeners say about Star's work:

•"Star's music is excellent! His music is like a breath of fresh "space" air from other new age music I've scanned. Thank you for adding a magnificent escape to mind..." Ryan listener.

•I'm listening to your music as I type, and I must say
it's great! It's beautifully crafted,
deeply inward music that
doesn't force a concept on you,
but rather, lets your
mind escape to its own thoughts. - Dave F.

Meditative New-Age Brilliance!” - Brian S.

•”A very deep, mystical
journey into outer space”. - Dennis G.

•“I really enjoy your music. I think it is
for healing and meditation
... very peaceful. “ - Graham J.

•“I like your material a lot,
very soothing.” - Todd M

Comments on: Ocean Bliss, - CD: Destination:

Breathtaking sounds of crashing surf mingle effortlessly with ambient synthetic textures. If this song doesn't melt you into an ouddle on the floor, you must be incapable of relaxation!” - Darrell B. Dallas , TX, USA

•“A wonderful way
to calm my inner being...just me and the ocean waves gently breaking in the silence of a starlight night...beautiful music to meditate by.” Katie T. Sanston, VA.

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Rising Star's musical vision:

Rising Star has been working with synthesizers and electronic music since 1978. He uses a wide variety of electronic instruments and synthesizers of many different technologies, but also uses many natural instruments like native american flute, rainstick and bells.

Star presents a completly original and innovative approach to sound , composition and music:

Star composes, performs, and records completely live, straight from the moment, without the use of pre-sequenced or recorded materials. This gives his work a unique lively-organic and natural quality rare to be found.

In oposition to conventional music, Sar's work bases on energetic sound fileds, their complexity in dimension and transformation over time.

Star loves recording sounds from nature as these elements offer naturaly harmonic essence from which to create his work. Many of Star's nature sound recordings are
recorded binaural (full representation of the 3 dimensional sound space).

Almost all synthesizer patches and all samples are custom created and come from Stars own sound design. Star modified several of his instruments and custom designed several interfaces and devices.

Star has a background in electronics, engineering, sound design and multi media and has a long standing interest in how sound eneergy enhances our awareness. Stars main focus and intention with his creation though, is less an exploration of technology, but to create sound experiences for daily life situations that explore and challenge how we see, perceive, and understand reality.

Star's intention in his work is the exploration of energy, which he thinks to be central essence of all existence. Transformation of energy shapes reality. Star's main interest is in how to direct the flow of energy in our lives, coexist with it, and shape it by means focusing awareness and by conscious decision. To offer a tool for more awarenss on how to create ones own experience with more contiousness is the purpose of his creating.

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What is the essence in Star's music?

Nature sound reflects natural energetic patters. Today, in our subcontious sonic 24 hour a day - life experience, these patterns are often completely overpowered by human made vibrations. The motor of air conditioning, fridge, computer, cars, TV, radio and others of our machine domainated world, to name a few.

The nervous system is the central integral conductor of energetic patterns in the body. To work at optimum and in harmony this system should resonate with natural patterns of energy. The definition of the outer world happens through stimulation of the senses. If senses are continously stimullated with dissonant patterns of energy, stress results as higher levels of awareness start fighting these vibrations instead of resonating with them. On an energetic level these conditions are described as overstimmulation. This results in lack of depth in awareness and energetic disconnection from the world. Soul, and body experience lack of rest, creating "fear" thus weakening the basis from which to exchnage energy with the universe in a healthy way. Longer term results are weakeneing of the body resulting in expression of sickness. This is simplified, more complex factors are involved, but illustrated here to pin point basic concepts of wholisistic well being.

Stars sonic works atempts to provide two essentials: Naturaraly harmonic patterns of energy and it attemptsto reduce stimmulation by avoiding musical themes and generated timing. This to aid return to ones own inner patterns of energy thus a return to ones natural state of being. A rejuvinating experience is acomplished.

Some of Star's music include Star's own binaural sound and nature sound recordings. This provides a natural representation of the original sound condition as perceived in the environment it was recorded. Use headphones to experience nature sounds like waterfall, river or rain in astonishing realism. You might find this to be the closest music to nature representation you might have experienced so far.

Rising Star does not push nature sound into the background to play another layer of human made sounds on top of it, like many currently popular composition do. Star integrates nature sound for its own vibration bases his composition on these complex patterns to create an overall cosmos like energy pattern and sonic texture. Thus his recordings feel like being right out there, in nature. Natural sound experiences are in short supply these days! "It's offten very difficult to recod more than 10 minutes of uninteruppted nature sound"

Some call Star's work New Age. Some cal it space music, some cosmic music, for others yet it's meditation music. Yet others describe it as ambient music without rhythm. No matter how you look at it: It will transform your listen space to an environment of peace.

Feel free to inquire about custom sound prodcuts.

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What is the "Star" difference?

Star's music is quite different from other music.

It's unobtrusive background ambiance

It is pure in energy. It provides a serene, peaceful ambiance that inspires and reaches deep, there to create a space in your environment for you to breathe and relax. It contains no rhythm. Melody is sparse. This music bases on the energetic composition like the composition of pure nature sound. Feel as if you are out there somewhere, or on vacation while you work, relax, receive a healing or meditate. Electronic sounds and nature sound blend into a lively natural and organic texture, weaving expansive sonic landscapes.

Be highly inspired, touched, and deeply moved sound experiences that reach deep into inner, outer, earthy, and galactic realms. Each of Stars releases is a distinct and complete journey created for a specific experience.

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